Carmine Vastola

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Born in the United States to a family of fishing enthusiasts, Carmine’s love for the water came naturally. Guided by his grandfather and father, he learned the art of deep-sea fishing while spending much of his formative years far out at sea. Later in life, his passions lead him to running hundreds of private trips far off the New Jersey shore; to the continental shelf. There, he was happy to share his knowledge with others, helping them grow in the love of the sport and helping improve their fishing ability.

Carmine relocated to Hong Kong in 1993 as part of a business project. In 1997, he began his own business and has been involved in various entrepreneurial ventures as an owner/operator. Through it all, he tried to reserve time to pursue his love of sport fishing. His travels have taken him to Guatemala, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia and India all in pursuit of great fishing excursions and unforgettable moments.

Married with a growing family, Carmine happily shares his love of deep-sea sport fishing, but leisure time became increasingly limited.  Frustrated with the lack of suitable charter boat options and scheduling challenges in Hong Kong, Carmine decided to commission his own boat, one that would be perfectly suited to off-shore fishing minimizing the time required to pursue this passion.

In 2006, the Thai Lady arrived in Hong Kong, fully equipped with the latest technology and more than enough safety features to provide the inclusive experience Carmine had been looking for. Today, he provides patient guidance, humor and the warm camaraderie making each trip a memorable event for all of his guests.


url2Charles Dunford
Managing Director

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Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Charles learned to fish with his father who owned a boat moored off the south coast of England. Before leaving the UK Charles progressed to Cod fishing in the English Channel.

Charles moved to Hong Kong in 1993 to pursue his career in financial planning, building his success from a private brokerage of his own to a career in major private banks. Charles’ heart is firmly fixed in Hong Kong with a home and family here.

Charles has always had a passion for the outdoors and sports, with activities ranging from sailing, cycling, hiking and skiing to martial arts. Living in an area with so much open waters, returning to his love of fishing seemed an opportunity not to be missed.

Semi-retired from his career in private banking, Charles discovered the thrill of off-shore fishing and the possibilities that unfolded.

Today, Charles is an avid off-shore angler who enjoys sharing the experience with others. His fluency in Cantonese helps him better connect with like-minded anglers on these excursions, helping ensure they enjoy the experience as much as he does.

Charles loves the sport as well as the community of diverse people who share in this hobby. It is his goal to  provide not only an outlet for fishing enthusiasts, but to build a community for individuals, their families and friends to share the love of fishing and help it grow as an inclusive leisure sport in Hong Kong..