Introduction to Our Club

Hong Kong Deep Sea Fishing & Boating Recreation Club is a registered society created to promote the sport of fishing and Boating in Hong Kong:

The club has exclusive access to two of the best sports fishing boats in Hong Kong and offers a variety of scheduled and nonstandard Member planned trips.    

  1. The club promotes fishing and Recreational boating, and
  2. Aims to build an active and extensive community of likeminded Members,   
  3. Give Members’ access to boats and crew, to
  4. Share our knowledge freely to better enjoy the sport.

Standard Membership is Free when you book a trip, at this level Members will have basic access to club services and events.  

Silver and Gold tier subscribing Members will be entitled to additional privileges and benefits according to the clubs current offering.

*For Members benefits and fee schedule refer to the Club Constitution and Bylaws.

* To book a club trip you will either need to be a registered or applying Member.   

Charles Dunford
Postal address ONLY

Flat 1, 1/F, Block C,
Castle Peak Villas,
19 Lok Chui Street,
Tuen Mun,
Hong Kong.
phone_dark+852 9195 9288



Constitution and Bylaws

  • The name of the Club (hereinafter call “the Club”) is Hong Kong Deep Sea Fishing & Boating Adventures Club
  • The mailing address will be Flat 1, 1/F, Block C, Castle Peak Villas, 19 Lok Chui Street, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong.
  • The object for which the club is established are:
  • To enable Members who are interested in offshore Recreational deep sea and inshore fishing to associate together and to participate in the sport.
  • To give club Members access to boats operated by the club or its affiliates for club fishing and social events.
  • To promote the sport and social aspects related to fishing by organizing events for its Members.
  • To host special boat trip parties for Members upon request.   
  • To host corporate team building and social events
  • To negotiate with reputable sports fishing boat owners and skippers charter contracts for club events.   
  • To participate in Tournaments organized by the club or to enter other tournaments as a team representing the club both in Hong Kong and internationally.
  • To promote and share fishing and general boating knowledge with Members.
  • Through a social network regularly report on the club and Members activities.  
  • To have a representative voice within the broader Hong Kong fishing community
  • The club ultimately desires to rent a club premises to provide a meeting place for Members.  Facilities are planned to include, club office, tackle maintenance workshop, tackle rental counter, and secure storage for Members fishing equipment.  The provision of the club premises is contingent on sufficient subscribing Members to justify the commitment to rent a suitable property. 
  • Subscription Fees and Membership tiers
  • Subscription Fees and Membership tiers

The club will have three levels of individual Membership according to benefits to be offered

Standard Membership benefits: Participation in club organized events and standard trips.  Email invitations, schedule and event updates. Member may organize exclusive trips for a whole boat booking for fishing or non-fishing events subject to availability and not more than 4 months in advance of the proposed booking.  

Silver Members Benefits:  In addition to standard benefits, priority booking for trips and events up to 6 months in advance, Priority booking over standard Members for bunks and fishing positions, notwithstanding the club giving priority to Gold Members.  Regular trip schedule and event updates.   Access to club rental tackle at 25% discount to standard rate on a pay per use basis.  

Gold Members Benefits:  In addition to standard and silver benefits, priority booking for trips and events up to 9 months in advance, priority booking over silver Members for bunks and fishing stations.  Club rental tackle service at a discount of 50% for the first 6 days of use, thereafter at a discount of 25% to standard rate.  Consumable tackle counter, items nonreturnable and charged at cost plus 20%.  Full access to a club house and club facilities when available.  

Team leaders and Corporate Members:  Members under this category will offer a number of advance dates for full and exclusive use of the boat.  Upon confirmation the team leader or corporate Member agrees to be contractually committed to paying deposits in accordance with the agreed schedule and paying the balance of fees on or before the due date.  The club will negotiate terms and issue details to this group of Members upon request.

  Membership Tiers
Benefits Standard Silver Gold
Invitation to club events
Standard fishing trips
Priority booking for trips and events
– Up to 6 months in advance
– Up to 9 months in advance
Priority booking of bunks and fishing stations
Fishing schedules and event updates
Club rental equipment on pay per use basis
Discounts on rental equipment and consumable tackle
 Limited free use of club tackle (6 days)
 Access to club workshop and secure storage
 Free Bunk upgrade when available
 Short notice trip offers with discount

1.1 Fees

Membership Type Membership Fees in HKD
  2015 2016 onwards
Standard only Waived One-off registration fee of $500
Standard with trip Waived Registration fee waived
Silver $150 per month $150 per month
Gold $250 per month $500 per month *see Members note below

Standard Membership fees:  

  • 2015:  Free for all joining Members
  • 2016 onwards:-
  • Free –Standard Membership will be free of charge to Members who join and pay for a trip.  
  • Or HK$500 one-off registration fee for standard Membership without paid trip

Silver Membership fees. The fee for 2015 will be HKD 150 pm and reviewed annually thereafter.  

Gold Members fees.  The club will initially charge HKD 250 pm and offer all benefits excluding the club house.  When the club has more than 100 Members committed to fees The Club will propose to all existing Members an increase to Gold Membership fees to fund the leasing of a club house/office.  If sufficient interest is confirmed the Club will levy an additional subscription fee to cover the use of the club house and facilities.   The fee for this estimated to be HKD 500 p.m.


Members booking trips organized by the club on club boats will be entitled to a 25% discount or HKD 500 or whichever is the lower sum on one trip place in each calendar year.  For standard Members tier this discount will be offset to cover their joining one off registration fee.

3. Finances.  

The Club will bank with HSBC. It will be run as a private commercial entity in order to provide the service offered to Members.  The club will retain a percentage of event and trip booking fees in order to cover administration, club offices, advertising, staff remuneration and MPF contributions etc.   The Club will maintain simplified accounts to be prepared by the Treasurer and agreed by an audit committee.

4. Member Applications.  

The Club will require an application to be completed with fee payment (if applicable).  See application form.

5. Register of Members.  

The club will establish a register of Members and issue a Membership number and card to each Member.  Members will be asked for their Membership number when making bookings.  

6. Data Protection & Privacy Policy.  

The club will have a privacy policy as required under the data protection ordinance.  

7. The Club Management Committee.

The club will appoint 2 permanent officers to act as Chairman and Treasurer.  Four non-permanent Members will be elected for a term of two years.  Any other club Member may either tender his application for election or be proposed by the Chairman two months prior to the election date.  The first election will on the first of August 2015 and bi annually thereafter on the anniversary.  Election results will be determined by a simple vote count with the highest number of votes per candidate winning.   Each voter may cast 4 votes with only one vote per candidate, multiple votes in favor of one candidate shall only count as one vote, the remaining votes being void.    By their election the club Members acknowledge the executive power vested in the office to which they have been elected.

8. Committees Authority:  

The Committee shall have the power to direct the club in accordance with the constitution and bylaws to the mutual benefit of its Members. To review and amend the constitution and bylaws from time to time.  To provide views and guidance to the clubs executive management and to permit them to negotiate and enter into agreements and contracts with vendors, employees and service providers.  To sit on Membership disciplinary hearings and determine the outcome in accordance with the bye laws and if required create, amend or modify the bye laws as agreed by a 60% majority.   

9. Club Property and Equipment:  

The Club lease boats, buy, acquire, hold or lease property which is intended for the benefit of the club or its Members.  Club property shall not be transferred, sold or loaned to any club Member other than by way of a commercial rental or sales agreement for such property or equipment at fair and true value.  Fishing tackle booked out on hire will be subject to a hire agreement stating the duration of hire.  

10. Club Officers and Members.

  • Elected officer will not be entitled to remuneration
  • Permanent officer will be remunerated out of club funds as agreed by the general committee and entitled to claim verified expenses incurred directly on club business or on its behalf.
  • The Club shall be entitled to employ and remunerate staff engaged to provide day to day support to the club and its Members.
  • The executive officers of the Club shall have the authority to pay all expenses incurred in the course of operation, including, insurance, professional fees, rent and government fees and taxes.  

10.1 Founder Members and Executive officers (Initial)

Mr.  Carmine Francis Vastola   Permanent Club Executive

Mr.  Charles Frederick Dunford Permanent Club Executive

Ms. Wong Lai Ling Membership Secretary

Mr. Andrew Bright      Proposed

Mr. Ramon Jorge Proposed

10.2 Members.

  • The number of Members will be initially limited to 10,000.  The committee may from time to time increase the Membership if approved.
  • Joining Members will be required to sign an application consenting to becoming a Member and to act in accordance with the club constitution and bylaws.
  • The Club will post the Constitution and Bylaws on its web page or that of an affiliate.  
  • New applicants proposed and seconded by an existing club Member will be granted immediate full Membership.  Un-proposed applicants can apply for an initial one year probationary Membership, which will be confirmed after one year.   
  • Members’ immediate family will be entitled to enjoy as associate Members and shall be entitled to all the club benefits and may join fishing trips provide that they are registered in advance by the Member.   All additional cost incurred by the associate Member shall be paid by the Member.  
  • Members more than two months in arrears of Membership dues may be, at the discretion of the committee, be suspended.   Suspended Members may apply for reinstatement at any time provided the lower of the current re-registration fee (HKD 500 for 2016) or accrued monthly arrears is paid.  
  • Members shall pay for all trips or events he subscribed to in advance of the event.  The club will not grant credit or extend payment terms to its Members for any trip or other benefit which the club has incurred expenses for without prior written agreement from the committee.
  • Member expulsion or disciplinary action.  The Committee may at its discretion expel, warn, or suspend for a period any Member that is in serious breach of the byelaws or creates disharmony amongst Members likely to materially harm the interests of the club and its Members.  
  • Member’s joining club fishing trips shall recognize the authority of the boat’s skipper and his deputies.  The absolute prevailing rule is that the skipper is in command and the safety of passengers, crew and the boat are his primary duty.  

11. Fishing trips and boat booking policy

  • Boat “Fortuna”. The club has non-exclusive access to a 90 foot sports fishing boat fully equipped to meet Recreational angler’s offshore fishing needs.   See Appendix A
  • Boat 2 “Thai Lady”.  A 32 foot Boston Whaler, inshore and off shore small groups  See Appendix B
  • Club Members can either book the entire boat for an event or join club days on an individual basis.  
  • The club will open dates for individual Members to join.  Members can book through an online system or through our booking staff.  All trip places must be confirmed by paying in advance.  
  • Trip cancelation or deferral.  Trip will only be canceled at the sole discretion of the operator.  If the weather is deemed unsafe or the boat is not operational in the opinion of the skipper or owners an alternative dates will be offered.  
  • Refunds. In the event that a trip runs but a Member is a no show there will be no refund. In the event the trip is canceled The Club will assist the Member to rebook a similar trip on an alternative date or substitute trip to the same value.  Refunds less a handling charge of HKD 250 will be processed in the event that the Member is unable to rebook.   
  • Personal Injury. Club Members acknowledge that fishing is not risk free and agrees to hold harmless the club for any injury sustained going to and from and during any club organized event.  The Club shall ensure that the named boats above have adequate liability insurance to cover club Members on club booked charters.   
  • Members Equipment and Personal Effects.  Members acknowledge and accept that any and all loss to personal equipment and effects are not claimable against the Club or its insurers.  Members are encouraged to take up personal insurance for their own equipment.  

12. Fishing coaches and equipment hire

  • Club Members are welcome to book a fishing assistant or coach, this may be free or at additional cost, depending on the event.
  • Club coaches will teach and share knowledge but are not expert in all aspects of fishing
  • Members can book a range of fishing tackle on a first come first served basis.   

13. Fisheries Conservation

  • The Club actively encourages Members to adopt a balanced view with regard to fish kept.  The club recognizes that its Members will have a wide range of views on the topic and it is ultimately the angler’s decision to keep or release fish.  
  • The Club encourage the release of any fish that the angler has no intention of keeping for the table.  Bill fish, Shark and rays in particular are most especially are not generally consumed and should be released alive if possible.  
  • Fish should also be released where the angler has taken more than, is his opinion, desirable for his own consumption.
  • Endangered spices released.


  • Members are to act respect and tolerance towards each other and as a general principal treat others as you would want others to treat you.  Physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.   
  • Members will cooperate with each other and the crew whilst fishing to further the enjoyment of the event.
  • Members agree to temporarily vacate their position on the boat if directed by the crew or fellow angler with a fish on requiring him/her to move along the boat.   
  • Club Members agree to promote the club through positive communications with the larger fishing community so as not to harm the club or its Members.  Facebook and other social media should remain positive and further the interests of the club and be at all times respectful towards Members.  Complaints should be directed to the Chairman and Membership secretary.  
  • Persistent or gross miss-conduct and breach of the aforesaid rules may result in the offenders being suspended for up to 3 months or exclude from the club and its events and the offending Member will forfeit their Membership in the club.   Membership dues will be payable to the club up until the date of expulsion but remain payable during suspensions.   Disciplinary hearings will be conducted by the Chairman and at least two other committee Members, with right of personal representation for the concerned parties.   Seven days’ notice will be served prior to hearings.  

15.Provision of Personal Data.

  • Personal data provided by means of the Membership application form will be used by The Club to facilitate the processing of the Members’ application and subsequent use by the club and related businesses to identify Members.
  • Applying Members voluntarily provide personal data for the purpose of registration and club to facilitate communication of offers and activities.    
  • Personal data provided to the club may be disclosed to affiliates and boat operators for the purpose of managing bookings and events.
  • Access to and right to correct personal data held by the club may be requested in writing to the Membership secretary.